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We specialise in driving qualifiable and quantifiable online traffic and bookings enquiries on Google to addiction recovery facilities, health care centres and wellbeing businesses globally; directly connecting operators with people that need most need care.

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Compete Effectively

Capture top positions on page #1 of Google, outperform your competitors, build brand authority and give your business market advantage to leverage enquiries across a broad spectrum of addictions, mental health and treatments programs and services.

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Our technical team generates direct inpatient admissions and outpatient appointments. We work purely organically on Google to bypass restrictions on certain industry specific keywords and reduce spend on low performing paid advertising campaigns.

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Specialist digital marketing for health, recoveries and wellbeing businesses

During 2020 and 2021 we started tracking an incredible increase in demand for mental health and addictions treatments around the globe. Realising that we could make a positive impact helping businesses connect with people in need of help we launched a specialist division of TRACE exclusively for the addictions sector.

Our in house addictions team works across a range of treatments services including drug and alcohol addiction, twelve-step facilitation, medical detox, mental health, depression, anxiety, trauma, duel diagnosis, behavioural disorders, sex addiction, gambling addiction, codependency relational issues and a full spectrum of diagnostics programs on an inpatient and outpatient basis.
We provide a cost effective proven digital strategy solution to deliver direct admissions enquiries and bookings to treatments centres. Whether you are operating an inpatient facility, private practice or wellness centre we custom tailor solutions to suit your business and help you achieve the exact goals you are striving to reach.

Our monthly full service SEO Enterprise Program is specifically designed to address common challenges facing treatments operators: increasing admissions enquiries by targeting high quality traffic, reducing paid advertising budget spend on low converting campaigns across Google, bypassing Google restrictions on high value addictions related keywords and streamlining your overall marketing spend to increase profitability performance.


Custom SEO solutions engineered specifically to achieve your business goals

We employ an extremely consultive approach to working with businesses from the outset and carry that commitment through to our monthly reporting and consultation calls with your dedicated Technical Director at TRACE working on your campaign. Each month we break down the data on your ranking increases, traffic performance, competitor movements and track your exact revenue conversions from our work as well as planning across future tasks and addressing any online issues that your business may be facing.

Our average timeline to achieve return on investment against our monthly service fee is between three to six months depending on the current status of your business and responsiveness of your site on Google. We work strictly on an exclusivity basis for treatments facilities and wellness businesses based on industry specifics and regional considerations.


The reason some of the best performing facilities in the world work with us

The results we drive have made our clients’ sites grow to become their single most valuable revenue generating channel. In 2022 we posted across the board results for our clients in the addictions recovery and mental health sectors showing an average increase of +40% in traffic, rankings increase to position #1 on the first page of Google of 45 places from average page #5 placements securing +70% more clicks from search enquiries across over 30 core recovery and diagnostics programs categories, generated ROI within six months for all clients and exceeded forecast revenue goals for all facilities and businesses we are managing.

Learn more about your industry growth trends on Google, case studies for private sector facilities we work with and see how we achieve results for high performing businesses in the industry by requesting our Mental health, Addiction & Treatments Enterprise Program Agency Kit 2023 below.

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