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Our team of writers craft content that not only elevates your brand profile, but actively attracts new customers and clients through the power of persuasive, engaging copy. We specialise in researching then producing quality customer-centric content using language and a custom tone of voice that resonates with your ideal target audience. Whether you’re looking for website landing page copy to drive sales, marketing content that attracts new customers and clients, advertising copy that inspires or editorial coverage to share your story with the world, our team of professional creatives has you covered.

The creative division at TRACE works closely with our technical department on every content brief to ensure that the copy we produce not only resonates with your readers, but also moves the needle on Google with customised search terms integrated to connect you directly with your active audience on Search.


We are extremely consultive in our approach spending time working in detail with our clients to ensure we are meeting their exact requirements in each brief. In unison with our technical department and using bespoke in-house software we create ideal buyer personas, research consumer trends and interests, map competing brands in the space and dig deep into the data to find out what language your customers will respond to and how to construct a tone of voice to lend you a competitive edge in the market. We test our content internally with multiple rounds of feedback to balance tone and messaging and only then commit to drafting your copy.


Coming from a journalism and editorial background our team of content creators ensure the copy we produce is naturally voiced, penned by humans for humans and clearly composed to appeal to the consumer’s mindset and drive leads, increase engagement, or spark curiosity. Our team specialises in: Creative Copywriting, Direct Response, Advertising Copywriting, Press Releases, SEO Copywriting, Sales Copywriting, Editorial & Advertorial and Website Copywriting. For other copy related tasks or custom campaigns that we can help with feel free to contact our team directly.



Over the years we’ve been published in some of APAC’s leading lifestyle print and digital media as well as producing bespoke publications and copy for leading hospitality and lifestyle brands. See samples of the work that we have produced for clients, partners and publications in our projects page or reach out to us for our creative copywriting portfolio of services.

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