Powering the rehab industry, empowering those in recovery

With client partners from Australia to the United States our specialist rehab addiction SEO team at TRACE Agency work with some of the most successful, high performing and reputable rehab treatment centres in business today. Our monthly Enterprise Program is for you if you are an independent private treatment centre looking to connect organically to your true online audience and out perform your competitors at a high level.

At TRACE Agency we specialise in getting your addiction treatment website ranking on page #1 of Google to capture the highest amount of quality traffic and lead enquires to your business from your target audience. We engineer your organic campaign on Google to drive ROI continuously to the core treatments and programs at your business then track all leads and admissions for our clients with clear transparent monthly reporting.

Our Google certified specialist team of technicians and medical level content creators and writers at TRACE Agency have an unparalleled expertise in the field of addiction treatment SEO. We understand the nuances of the industry, how quickly people in need want to connect with those that can help them, the considerations of whether a facility will accept their health insurance carrier cover and most importantly the sales process that takes place online when those most in need are seeking help. As competition intensifies in the rehab sector TRACE Agency is giving the edge to high performing quality businesses that are driving the industry forwards.

Rehab programs & treatments we specialise in

  • Residential and non-residential programs,
  • Drug & alcohol treatments,
  • 12 step programs,
  • Non 12 step holistic approaches,
  • Luxury one-on-one programs,
  • Group approach programs,
  • Celebrity rehab centres,
  • Medical detox treatments
  • Sober living
  • Teen assistance programs
  • Corporate executive stress treatment programs,
  • LGBTQ+,
  • Male only programs
  • Female only programs
  • Intervention services
  • Post-program support services

Challenges the rehab industry faces

The single biggest challenge facing the rehab industry is Google’s fluctuating ban on core terminology and keyword terms that your business cannot leverage paid advertising for. That is one of the reasons our organic strategy for our rehab clients is so effective and successful as we target the exact search terms that drive lead enquiries and bookings to our clients’ businesses. Our technical team has a collective combined experience of over five decades working in the rehab industry sector and has refined and perfected our understanding of how Google’s algorithms relate to the addiction and rehab industry especially after the 2018 ban on Adwords and GDN advertising limited the options for legitimate addiction rehab enterprises to reach those truly in need of help.

ROI oriented, detail & data driven rehab SEO

Every organic campaign we take on for clients at TRACE Agency is ROI focused, fully mapped out in our analysis stage and execution-able by our team from month #1. We don’t spend months dissecting data, this is done quickly and effectively by our highly skilled and practiced team so we can start work on making your site perform and generating lead enquiries to your business.

By-the-numbers SEO strategies are not our style at TRACE Agency – each campaign for our clients are individually structured and we adopt a very consultive process to ensure every detail is covered, each content strategy is unique – just as every facility we work with is unique. Our team appreciates the need to intrinsically understand what sets your business apart as it is precisely this level of detail that drives industry leaders to the top of Google. Reverse engineering the success of your direct competitors is at the heart of our SEO process. With this data and our expert understand of Google we create winning campaign strategies based on the success of market leaders to take your business to the top of the results pages.

Our work isn’t all about algorithmic understanding, competitor analysis or years of expertise which our team of technicians has amassed, but it’s about our holistic approach to partnering with our clients to deliver a winning organic strategy with close consultive service standards which means our team at TRACE becomes a virtual extension of your marketing team.

Custom content perfected

At TRACE Agency we understand the importance of quality content. That is why our team of medical grade expert writers and luxury content creators are tasked with connecting to potential patients by communicating in a personal and approachable manner tailored to our clients’ brand voice. Our goal is to create content that resonates with your audience, connects them to your brand and most importantly illustrates clearly what your facility can do to help them. This content is constantly optimised for Google and rolled out across your site pages properly indexed for Google’s algorithms to afford maximum authority to your site and propel you up the rankings.

With our content creation team at TRACE Agency you can be assured your content is fresh, timely, accurate, engaging and most importantly on brand. We work closely with our addiction treatment partner clients to develop a consistent brand voice and deliver exactly the level of content needed to best communicate their services and service levels.

A direct link to your target audience

Medical and luxury level content isn’t our only deployable strategy. Our technical team excels in off-site website linking – an essential component in increasing your site’s authority and reliability for Google and the other search engines. In essence the more high authority, recognised websites that link to yours the more authority is afforded to your business. This works in tandem with our content strategy to create funnels which generate lead enquiries to our rehab clients in a tried and tested manner which delivers financial results without any additional fees or paid solutions. Every agency has a compendium of business directories to leverage for links but at TRACE Agency we go a step further and link audit all your competitors to then build and execute a high quality bespoke link strategy that we know performs for our clients.

100% transparency & exclusivity

We track and trace every lead enquiry we generate for our clients each month with clear, concise reporting and consultation calls with you. At TRACE Agency we work on an exclusive basis with rehab treatment centres globally. Our Partnership Program ensures our clients’ are competitive exclusively within their geographic region and/or specialist treatments.

Your dedicated team at TRACE Agency

Your path to the top of Google’s rankings isn’t an endeavour you need to make on your own. We understand the challenges that await you at every step of the way and are here to support you. By letting the team at TRACE Agency manage your SEO strategy you can devote time to what matters the most: your patients. We’ll lead your patients to you, all you have to do is be there to answer their call and take care of them. Because we understand how important your services are to those in a life or death situation our addiction and rehab team at TRACE Agency is led personally by our CEO James, our lead Digital Strategy Director Laura and our Business Development Directors Elliott and Daniel.

TRACE Agency LLC is a registered in Delaware with our head office in San Diego and is a certified Google partner. Our team of medical level content specialists and rehab industry technical staff are based in USA, Europe and Australia. To get started with your addiction centre SEO campaign contact our team at TRACE Agency today. With our expertise and guidance we will help take your business to the next level just as we have with many of our rehab partner clients.